Tomaz Rodica Digital Marketing Specialist for High Net Worth Individuals & Prominent Businesses

Welcome to my website. I’m Tomaz Rodica, and my primary goal is to help High Net Worth Individuals and Prominent Businesses at online marketing. If you need help, feel free to contact me, describe where you need help, and we can discuss further.

Where can I help?

Online Visibility

Improve your online visibility by building a high-quality website, driving traffic to your website with Google SEO & social media marketing. This will help you get more leads, calls, and sales! Want to expand on the Italian market? Check Italian Guest Post backlinks service.

Online Reputation

Make sure to have just positive content about you or your business on search engine and on social profiles. This can help you build trust in future clients eyes!

Investors & Funding

Looking for serious investors who will find your interesting business? Want to present your idea on an investment summit? Maybe you are an investor looking for interesting and prominent businesses? I can connect both investors and prominent business owners who are looking to raise funds to expand their business or to launch it!